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  Welcome and thanks for taking a moment to inquire about our current tour ready sound system capable of servicing medium size venues and theatres. This system is available for one offs as well as multiple date tours.

The system is a fully flyable EAW KF695e rig. It consists of 12 trapezoidal 3-way speaker boxes per side and an equal or greater amount of available sub boxes. Additionally, centerfill speaker boxes are also included when needed.  The system fly configuration hangs 2 boxes wide and 3 rows deep, fully supported by a single chain motor per side, allowing quick and easy set up. This configuration allows for a complete 180 degree frontal coverage side to side, while providing 120 db to FOH. All rigging and motors comply or exceed with national safety requirements for rigging equipment to date.

System processing and control is provided by way of a DBX Driverack 480 system designed in a stereo 4 - way configuration. FOH effects / processing are handled by equipment from such companies as Yamaha, TC, DBX, Valley, & Lexicon (see list below). Finally a Yamaha PM4000 48 channel console is available for the mixer (other consoles are available as per client requirements).

The on-stage monitor system is also comprised of all EAW speaker boxes and powered by Crown MA amplifiers. Floor wedges are EAW SM222s and SM155s, and along with EAW La325 with SB330 subs for Tri-amped side fills and bi-amped drum fills make for an amazingly accurate system no artist, engineer, or client would not find fully acceptable. Floor monitors are processed digitally by means of a DBX Driverack system complete with remote. The sidefills are processed by means of an EAW CCEP mx300i. The configuration consists of 8 wedge mixes, stereo sidefills, and a drumfill. Mixes are supplied by 2 Yamaha M7CL's - the Cadillac of consoles or a Yamaha PM4000M 52 channel console allowing up to 18 mixes (other consoles are available as per client requirements). This System is completely multi-pinned using Whirlwind connectors and cabling, allowing for quick setup and teardown. Below is a more concise list of equipment included, and please keep in mind additional gear can be available as per clients needs or budget.

We also offer rentals of Backline equipment and Services.....Please call us for more information.

FOH Speakers:

12 EAW KF695e Trapezoid 3-way speaker cabinet 
10 EAW SB 528zri double 18s sub speakers 
 4 EAW FR 159z Trapezoid 2 way speakers 

FOH Power Amps:

 2 AAC Amp Racks Crown MA Powered (18k @ 36k total)
 1 Centerfill Rack Crown Powered

FOH Processing:

1 DBX Driverack 480 w/ computer interface control
1 Denon CD/Cassette Combo
1 Behringer UltraCurve Digital Stereo Equalizer (Fills)
1 Lexicon MPX 500 Digital MultiEffect
1 Yamaha SPX 990 Digital MultiEffect
2 Yamaha REV 5 Digital Reverbs
1 TC Electronics D 2 Multitap Digital Delay
3 DBX 1046 Quad Compressors (12 channels)
2 DBX 1066 Stereo Gated Compressors (4 channels)
3 Valley Autogate Stereo Gates (6 channels)

Stage Monitor System -----

Monitor Speakers:

 9 EAW SM222 Bi-amped floor wedges 
 8 EAW SM155 Bi-amped floor wedges 
 4 EAW LA325 Bi-amped Trap speaker cabinets 
 4 EAW SB330 Single 18s sub speakers 
 2 EAW FR159z Two-way speaker box 

Monitor Power Amps:

3 AAC Monitor Amp Racks Crown MA Powered (4 mix @ 8 mix Total)
1 AAC Sidefill Amp Rack Crown MA Powered (Stereo 3 way) (10k)
1 AAC Drumfill Amp Rack QSC Powered (Stereo @2 way) (3k)

Monitor Processing:

1 DBX Driverack 480R Remote control
3 DBX Driverack 480 Digital Processor (Wedges)
1 EAW MX300i Digital Processor (Sidefills)
1 DBX Stereo Bi-Amp Crossover (Drumfill)
Additional Monitor processing is also available as required by client

Additional Equipment -----

2 CM lodestar Chain Motors (1-ton single phase) complete with rigging
2 AAC Custom Flybars (3 wide)
1 Whirlwind 42 x 8 channel split snake (150' to FOH & 35' to Mons)
1 Complete Microphone Assortment case (Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, EV)
1 AAC custom 200 amp single phase power distro /w feeder cable and tails
4 EAW SM 159z passive stage monitor speakers
6 RCF Art 200a powered monitors

All mics, cables, stands, and equipment necessary to complete system to our clients' specifications.


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